31 July, 2009

PBSI tidak Punya pelatih standart

So far, Indonesia has not been able to create a sustainable badminton champion. Still cut off generations of champions such as Badminton Association of Indonesia or PBSI did not have a uniform standard that is training in each region.

As a result, talented players who are not handled properly, said the Big Board PBSI talent scouts as well as Team Manager of PB Djarum Fung Permadi in a seminar entitled "Building the Spirit of Badminton Central Java, Indonesia" in Solo, Central Java, on Thursday (30 / 7). The meeting was also attended as a speaker former badminton world champion Haryanto Arbi, Chief Executive of Central Java Province Mochammad Anwari PBSI, and sports journalist Ian Situmorang, and as the moderator Ivana Lie.

We can not wait for badminton champion will be born by itself. To print a champion, needed a quality coaches, said Fung.

Figure and former badminton player Ivana Lie rate, the absence of such standards is training because Indonesia has never made blueprints badminton coaching in which the load is training standards and training programs that grip.

According to Ivana, to create a blueprint for the development, upgrading PBSI should form a team that has the competence and experience in the field of badminton. So that would appear weighty reference curriculum and may be implemented in every area he said.

Former world champion badminton Haryanto Arbi added, making Indonesia the condition can not create champions, but only produce champions. Coach really has a share, but more because of the emergence of the champion's flair players are not training, said Haryanto.

Fung said, if this condition is allowed to continue then the Indonesian badminton will continue to stagnate and lag far away from other countries such as China and South Korea.

No development of badminton, go Fung, leading badminton coach and players can not be trusted as professionals who have a bright future.

Based on AC Nielsen survey in March-April 2009 to 1026 respondents in Central Java, there are 51 percent said they want to play badminton for health reasons, 34 percent want to play badminton as a hobby, and 9 percent want to play badminton professionally.

To that end, Fung hopes that PBSI is not too busy with the national training program (pelatnas) solely so that potential players in areas neglected. PBSI must be able to create standardization and accreditation is training the same in each region in order to level the coach became clear, he said.

Chairman of PBSI Jateng Pengprov Mochamad Anwari admitted will make the standard is training himself as in Central Java based on input and experience of trainers at district level and the club. After that, all districts are required to use these references so that the standard coach will be the same as Central Java, he said.


24 July, 2009

Menstruasi Dini

Latest news for women. menstruation was happening diusia forever young is not good. according to the study, compared with adolescent women who first come for longer periods, women who have gotten your period since the young age estimated to be less able to withstand the attacks of ovarian cancer.

As reported in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Bimoarkers, and Preventions, Robbins and his team analyzed data from 410 women with ovarian cancer who follow the Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study in 1980. During the nine years of observation, 212 women died. so, get medicine if you have these symptoms.

From the analysis results are known, the menstrual period that came before age 12 years increases the risk of death up to 51 percent, compared with those who began having periods at age 14 years or older. Meanwhile, women who experience menstrual period longer, or not yet at the age of menopause, the risk of death reached 67 percent.


16 July, 2009

Nasionalisme dan Kesejahtraan Atlet

Condition athletes who think the problem materials within each task in the arena can not be blamed entirely to the athletes alone. Decreasing sense of nationalism to make Indonesia proud athlete may arise due to disappointment on the behavior of athletes who do not appreciate their own people etched their accomplishments.

Just like a proverb, sweet junk thrown out, the feelings of the athletes today. Dilematika between the desire to fly the Indonesian flag on the podium with stomach problems. In each exercise they sweat raised concerns over the fate of their future when no longer able to shine.

Issues to improve the welfare of athletes actually been digemborkan by Adhyaksa Dault in 2005 with a home program for athletes excel in 1000. Still, the issue of how to remain a permaslahan mensejahteraankan athletes.

Recently a paradigm has now emerged that the government proved all too easy to give athletes a hook and fishing line without telling how to use it. The government claims that the athletes we are less able to manage the wealth they have earned during the shine.

Above problems are basically not the responsibility of government alone, but also our responsibility. Question that arises now is how much we appreciate the world of sport this country? How often do we watch sporting events directly or indirectly to support Indonesia?

Awareness of concrete concern for the less developed to appreciate the world of sports in our campus. Very naive if we are unable to learn from our predecessors peejuangan students who are not able to contribute significantly to appreciate the sport. If we as students have not been able to learn to build it, then most likely we still will not appreciate the services of the future of Indonesian athletes in the future. It could be a bad achievement Indonesian sport in the present and the future remains. Would be naive if brother - little brother who was sitting in our elementary schools no longer wanted to shoot for - to become an athlete. And if it turns out that there is a role behind the bad conditions of institutions of higher education graduates who scored the nation's future leaders, then it is our responsibility.

From now on, let us think overall. Indonesia is not only seen the name of welfare, education, economy and military. Indonesian name will also be seen from the achievements of sports. Come to think together we advance the sport of Indonesia. Let us merdekakan world of sports!


Terpuruknya olahraga indonesia

Basically a lot of things that cause keterpurukkan Indonesian sports conditions. Can not be denied if in some areas, lack of training facilities and funding remains a classic problem that haunted coaching, sports coaching in various areas.

There is a unique thing that we can take if the sport is able menanalogikan a nation's character. The lack of sporting achievement of our time was directly proportional to the Indonesian nation minimya sense of nationalism.

Indonesian society feels a sense of nationhood has been decreased due to the impact of globalization. Such a vast flow of information has indirectly influenced the mindset of Indonesian society for materialism. Some cases demonstrated by some courtier National Team Pelatnas PSSI who refused entry fee that was commensurate result. Other smaller case is not hafalnya several retainer caps will be five paragraphs in other Pancasila.Contoh are rampant cases of athlete's move to another province (now POUND 2008) by looking for high pay.

Keminimalisan sense of nationalism inherent in the insane-insane Indonesian sport (not just the athletes but to levels of management, bahka some political elites) may decrease the power struggle of the athlete. Some sports are not pure anymore insane fight for national sporting achievement for the name of Indonesia, but also for other things. Quite often our sports arena is used as one of the main media campaign as it did in some areas ELECTION.


Kemerdekaan olahraga indonesia

Indonesia has declared its independence kehadapan world. Long ago the son - daughter of the nation trying to defend this independence with the sweat and blood. Since the early days of independence, Indonesia has always been challenged propagators inside and out. In the past when the old order of government, the concentration of this country is to maintain independence. At that time a lot of shocks that triggered the nation split by other nations as well as the nation itself. While this country is in the new order, people of this country in the doctrine to think about how to fill this independence. Inevitably, when the government of this country barupun order unremitting ordeal caused by the virulence of a dictator. But if we look, the second era of Indonesia's government has donated sweet achievements in the sport. Not infrequently Indonesia is able to dominate world badminton at the time. Swee Lee King is an Indonesian athletes who can excel in keterpurukkan. Not infrequently Besides, Indonesia is able to print a stamp of achievement with the SEA Games champion several times.
Achievements - Indonesian sports achievements in the past been able to lift the nation sedkit by little degrees. Predicate Indonesia as the Asian Tigers in the 90s era certainly helped donated by the Indonesian sporting achievements.

Now the people of Indonesia has already more freedom in work and innovate. Almost all parts of Indonesia have now been electrified. Construction of sport facilities are spread internasionalsudah class in Jakarta, East Kalimantan, South Sumatra and Riau. This condition should be able to jack up the interpretation of Indonesian sport in the world arena. However, Indonesian sports achievements tend to be in the interval stgnan to decline. At the last SEA Games in Indonesia only ranked fifth. Thomas and Uber Cup is now in the hands of China. In Indonesia the Asian Cup football championship was unable to escape the group stage while acting as host.

A big question will be the cause of the condition of Indonesian sports keterpurukkan like ejected from the minds of youth - a young nation that intends to promote Indonesia. Because one of the main imaging a country is now not only seen from the welfare, education, economic and military power. Sport has become a sweet image of how the world community viewed a country.


Tips berhenti merokok

As a smoker, let alone who was addicted course very difficult to eliminate the smoking habit. But despite how, smoking is very harmful impact your health, your pocket, and the people around you. So, stop smoking is something worth fighting for.

• The first thing you do is INTENTIONS, if you need to read the prayers to quit smoking.
• Reduce smoking little by little.
• When you smoke, think that you're burning your health and your money you are looking with great difficulty.
• Think about if you're smoking you're killing yourself slowly.
• Think about what will happen to your family if you fall ill.
• Think that smoking is something that is useless and waste your time.
• Try to avoid as far as possible people who are smoking so the smell does not interest you to smoke.
• If you're eager to smoke, try to sit upright and relaxed, then drew a long breath of fresh air. Do abdominal breathing and respiratory chest 5x 5x. Repeat if necessary.
• initial reaction was to quit smoking is usually a bad taste in your mouth, young offended, confused, anxious, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. Instead of chewing gum and eat fruits, especially orange juice.
• Avoid drinking coffee. Replace it with tea or juice.
• Expand drinking water.
• If a friend offers you a cigarette, ask for the money it raw just an alias. Tell me if you're trying to quit smoking.
• Always carry no smoking signs (pin, brooch, or whatever form) wherever you go. So every time you're going to smoke, then there is always a no smoking sign.
• Rajinlah exercise to keep your metabolism balanced.
• Get plenty of sleep. Reduce sleep late.
• Make friends with people who have successfully quit smoking.
• Avoid everything associated with smoking.
• Always evaluate the extent to which your success, find out where the location of faults in order to fix it.
• Remember always your intention and your prayers to quit smoking.
• Always remember the dangers of smoking.
• From now to do a healthy lifestyle, because with a healthy lifestyle, you'll look more fresh and young.

Good luck, good luck. Merdeka!


Tips bagi yang malas olahraga

Laziness in doing or getting things done are common and must be experienced by everyone. In terms of exercise, laziness is a fairly common thing, too. This is usually caused by two things.

First, fear of pain from sports. Ache that appears 1-2 days after exercise is usually a chastening experience, so people thought two times when invited to return to exercise. Practice session with a very high intensity that exceeds the capacity of the body is the culprit, who was still crawling like a baby should be forced to run.

Second, lack of awareness of the importance of health and fitness. People who do not feel the need to become smart usually do not study hard. Same also with people who do not realize the importance of hygiene will usually be reluctant to take a shower. Similarly, people who are less aware of the importance of living a healthy and fit will be lazy to exercise.


Olahraga Murah dan Sehat

You can exercise with a cheap, easy, but gives tremendous benefits for your body and your health.

What is important in choosing a sport should be adjusted for age and body condition, and the right dosage to avoid the possibility of body burden and lead to fatigue, injury to muscles, bones and joints.

Jogging is one sport that's right for you. In addition to easy and suitable for all ages, jogging shoes and clothing only need sports. According to research scientist Copenhagen City Heart Study, jogging has a positive effect on blood pressure, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, body weight, up to diabetes.

While the continued effects include reduction in the thickness of coronary blood vessels, heart muscles functioning better, and more capable of much oxygen you breathe.


04 July, 2009

Olahraga Treadmill

Running around the complex or Electric Treadmill. The answer is not easy because each has advantages and disadvantages.

If running outdoors is more 'feel' sport. While running on static Electric Treadmill has a lower risk of injury including keserempet motorists increasingly fierce. See Fitness Equipment and Distributors Electric Treadmill.

Numerous studies show ran outside the room is generally five percent burn more calories than a treadmill Sporting. This was donated by the position of the body that survive from the blast of wind which of course can not exist if the sport indoors. Besides the freshness of pemadangan and the path becomes a plus. See Tool Distributor Tool Distributor Fitness and Sports.

From some surveys indicate when adults are faced with the choice to run static, it usually will set the course for low speed. However, time generally used to run longer. Sporting fans treadmill run with injury risk of having a lower leg bone.

As the results of published research The British Journal of Sport and Medicine shows, outdoor enthusiasts have fled fluid levels and pressure on the shin higher than runner treadmill or fitness equipment. This increase is encouraging joint injury risk by 50%.

Whatever the choices made, certainly better if you keep exercising without much wiggle.


Hakikat Pendidikan Jasmani

Physical education

1 .. Understanding

Physical education is a process of a person as an individual or community members who carried out consciously and systematically through the various activities in order to acquire skills and physical skills, growth, intelligence and character formation

Physical education is essentially a process of education that uses physical activity to produce a holistic change in the quality of individuals, both in terms of physical, mental, and emosional2. Physical Education Destination

1. Developing self-management skills in developing and maintaining physical fitness and healthy lifestyles through a variety of physical activities and sports selected

2. Enhance the physical growth and mental development of better

3. Improving the ability and basic motor skills

4. Laying the foundation of strong moral character through the internalization of the values contained in physical education, sport and health

5. Develop sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, responsibility, cooperation, confidence and democratic

6. Develop skills to maintain the safety of oneself, others and the environment

7. Understand the concept of physical activity and exercise in a clean environment as information to achieve perfect physical growth, healthy lifestyles and fitness, skilled, and have a positive attitude.

3.Scope of Physical Education

1. Games and sports include: traditional sports, games. exploration of movement, non-locomotor locomotor skills, and manipulative, athletics, rounders, rounders, kippers, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton, and martial arts, as well as other activities

2. Development activities include: mechanics, posture, physical fitness component, and the shape of body posture and other activities

3. Gymnastic activities include: a simple dexterity, agility without equipment, dexterity with the instrument, and the gymnastic floor, as well as other activities

4. Rhythmic activities include: free movement, gymnastics in the morning, SKJ, and aerobic exercises and other activities

5. Water activities include water games, water safety, skills in moving water, and swimming and other activities

6. Education outside the classroom, including: picnic / field trip, the introduction of environmental, camping, exploring, and mountain climbing

7. Health, including the planting of healthy living culture in everyday life, particularly in relation to body treatments to stay healthy, maintain a healthy environment, choosing healthy foods and beverages, to prevent and treat injuries, set the proper rest time and play an active role in activities P3K and UKS. Health aspect is a separate aspect, and implicitly into all aspects.

4. Motion as the needs of children

Children's world is the world's fresh, new, and always beautiful, filled with magic and merriment. Thus Rachel Carson in an expression. However, according to Carson, is a misfortune for most of us that the world was robbed grimly brilliant and even lost before we are adults.

Children's world is astonishing, containing an amazing variety of experience, has various opportunities to obtain guidance. When the teacher came into the world, he can help children to develop their knowledge, sharpen the sensitivity of a sense of heart and enrich their skills.

Playing is the world's children. While playing they learn. In terms of learning, children are the experts. All sorts of learned, from moving his limbs to recognize various objects in the environment sekitarn

5. Meaning Differences Physical Education And Sport Education

One of the questions frequently asked by teachers penjas lately is: "Are physical education?" The question is just bizarre enough advanced by the most entitled to answer that question.

This may occur because at the previous time the teacher feels himself not as a teacher penjas, but physical education teachers. The change followed a change of view of a compulsory subject in the curriculum of education in Indonesia, the subjects of sports and health education (orchestra) in the curriculum in 1984, became the subjects' physical education and health "(PE) in kurikulum1994.

Change of name was not equipped with learning resources that explain the meaning and purpose of the second term. As a result, most teachers believe that the name change did not have differences, and their implementation are considered equal. Whereas the philosophical content of the second term above is quite different, so the goal was different. The question is, what difference does it make physical education with physical education?

Physical education means education programs through motion or games and sports. It contains the meaning of that movement, games, or selected a particular sport is just a tool to educate. Educate what? At least its focus on the skills of children. This can be either physical and motor skills, thinking skills and problem-solving skills, and can also emotional and social skills.

Therefore, the whole scene learning in studying the motion and the sport was more important than the outcome. Thus, how teachers choose methods, involving the child, interacting with students and encourage student interaction with other students, should be the primary consideration


ketulian vs stroke

Waspadalah jika Anda sering mengalami kehilangan pendengaran. Bisa jadi dalam beberapa tahun kedepan Anda bisa terserang stroke.

Peringatan tersebut disampaikan tim peneliti dari Taiwan setelah meneliti 1.423 pasien. Penelitian itu mengungkapkan, pasien yang kehilangan pendengaran, satu seetengah kali lebih besar terancam risiko stroke dalam lima tahun kedepan daripada pasien karena sebab lain.

Namun, para peneliti mengatakan hasil penelitian yang dipublikasikan di jurnal Stroke tersebut masih dalam tahap awal. Mereka terus mendalami utnuk menemukan alasan keterkaitan tersebut. Kurangnya informasi tentang faktor risiko stroke pada pasien bisa mengaburkan temuan itu.

Yang diketahui selama ini justru sebaliknya. Stroke merupakan salah satu penyebab ketulian. "Sejauh yang kami ketahui, tidak ada penyakit celebrovaskular yang terjadi setelah kehilangan pendengaran secara tiba-tiba," ujar dr Herng Ching Lin dari Taipei Medical School of Health Care ADministration seprti dilansir situs bbc.com.


tips sehat selama di kantor

Pekerjaan yang dilakukan terlalu lama di dalam kantor dapat membuat kondisi kesehatan karyawan atau karyawati suatu perusahaan menjadi tidak terlalu baik. Seperti yang kita telah ketahui, untuk memperoleh badan yang sehat, maka kita harus banyak berolahraga.

Namun, melihat kondisi ini, banyak karyawan atau karyawati menghabiskan waktunya untuk bekerja di kantor. Dengan hanya duduk di belakang meja menyebabkan pergerakan karyawan tersebut menjadi sedikit. Ada beberapa tips bagi Anda agar tetap memiliki badan yang sehat.

1. Jangan malas untuk naik tangga ke kantor Anda. Saat ini, gedung perkantoran di Indonesia telah dilengkapi dengan elevator atau escalator. Tentu hal tersebut membuat para karyawan/wati malas menggunakan tangga. Sebenarnya, dengan naik ke lantai kantor Anda menggunakan tangga dapat membuat Anda terus bergerak dan tentu saja dapat membakar lemak. Berguna sebagai olahraga ringan di kantor.
2. Berkeliling di kantor. Hal tersebut juga sudah merupakan olahraga ringan. Dengan berjalan-jalan tersebut, Anda bisa melancarkan peredaran darah dan tentu saja Anda bergerak. Yah anggap saja sebagai media untuk semakin mengenal teman sekantor Anda (Anda bisa mengunjungi meja teman sekantor dan berbincang-bincang).
3. Apabila terpaksa menggunakan escalator, usahakan tubuh Anda terus bergerak.
4. Jangan terlalu banyak mengemil di kantor. Selain kesehatan makanan yang Anda konsumsi belum terjamin, cemilan tersebut dapat menganduk beribu kalori. Tentu Anda tahu bukan, kalau kalori yang menumpuk pada tubuh dapat mengakibatkan peningkatan berat badan?
5. Biasakan untuk meminum air putih sebanyak 10 gelas setiap hari. Hal tersebut dapat membantu kesehatan ginjal Anda.
6. Makan yang teratur.
7. Jangan terlalu lama memandang layar monitor. Setiap setengah jam lihat ke arah lain. Hal tersebut dapat mengurangi ketegangan mata.
8. Jangan terlalu lama berdiam di kantor. Segera selesaikan dan fokus terhadap pekerjaan Anda agar tidak membuat Anda tertahan lama di kantor.
9. Hal yang paling utama adalah kesadaran diri.


tips seks sehat dan nikmat

Memulai lebih dulu
Ajang bercinta tak dapat berlangsung bila di antara Anda berdua tak ada yang memulainya. Untuk itu, Anda harus memiliki keberanian mengajak pasangan menikmati indahnya pergumulan dengan melancarkan aksi-aksi menggoda penuh keintiman.

Adapun beberapa aksi menggoda yang dapat Anda lancarkan ialah mencium pasangan sebelum pergi kerja, mengajaknya makan siang, meneleponnya di tengah hari, tersenyum nakal pada pasangan, atau hal-hal kecil lainnya yang dapat membangkitkan gairah si dia.

Berikan sentuhan mesra
Jika pasangan Anda pernah berkata, "Satu-satunya kesempatan kamu menyentuhku ialah saat kamu bercinta denganku." Maka itu menunjukkan Anda tak pernah memberikan sentuhan mesra selain saat berhubungan intim dengannya.

Padahal, sentuhan yang tak berhubungan dengan kegiatan seksual dapat terasa lebih menarik dan menggairahkan. Untuk Anda yang ingin melakukannya, ada beberapa jenis sentuhan nonseksual seperti sentuhan di bahu, atau kaki saat Anda menonton film, meletakkan tangan di pangkuannya saat dia menyetir, atau berpegangan tangan.

Menjaga penampilan dengan baik
Jika sebanyak 100 orang mengikuti survei mengenai cara mudah menikmati seks, maka 99 persen orang akan menjawab bahwa mereka menginginkan pasangannya berpenampilan baik.

Meskipun Anda mencintai pasangan setulus hati dengan kelebihan dan kekurangannya, namun lebih baik bila si dia selalu menjaga penampilannya.

Selalu wangi
Senantiasa wangi membuat seseorang terlihat seksi. Saat pasangan Anda wangi, tentu membuat Anda ingin selalu berada di dekatnya.

Saat Anda dekat dengannya, tubuh memancarkan gairah seks dan membakar api asmara. Meski begitu, bukan berarti Anda harus memakai wewangian secara berlebihan. Gunakan parfum secukupnya, dijamin akan membangkitkan hasrat si dia untuk segera bergumul di ranjang.

Komunikasi yang baik
Orang akan berhenti bicara jika dia merasa orang lain tidak mendengarnya. Seperti itu pula yang terjadi bila hubungan seks dilakukan tanpa komunikasi. Saat Anda membagi keintiman dengan pasangan, Anda tentu ingin menikmati pengalaman seks tak terlupakan melalui erangan, rintihan, maupun ucapan menggoda yang meluncur dari bibirnya.

Membagi aktivitas
Jika pasangan Anda ingin melakukan sesuatu atau pergi ke suatu tempat, maka ikutilah keinginannya itu. Semakin banyak waktu yang Anda luangkan bersamanya, maka semakin besar kesempatan Anda menikmati ajang persetubuhan, saling menyentuh, dan menjalin komunikasi yang baik.

Atur waktu bercinta
Jika Anda tak memiliki banyak waktu bercinta, maka Anda harus membuat jadwal pasti kapan Anda dan pasangan akan bergumul. Jika memungkinkan, Anda berdua juga tetap dapat bercinta di luar jadwal yang telah ditetapkan.

Serangan spontan yang menggoda
Serangan secara spontan merupakan kunci utama keberhasilan dalam berhubungan seks di ranjang. Untuk itu, Anda jangan menunggu pasangan meminta stimulus seks terlebih dahulu. Namun, sebaiknya lancarkan aksi bercinta dengan cepat dan mengenai titik sensitifnya. Aksi ini dijamin tak hanya membuat pasangan puas, tapi juga terlena dengan romantisme yang belum pernah dia rasakan sebelumnya.

Jaga kondisi tubuh untuk menikmati seks hebat

Seks mencakup mental dan fisik. Artinya, dalam seks tak hanya dibutuhkan jiwa yang sehat, namun juga tubuh yang kuat. Untuk itu, Anda harus menjaga tubuh senantiasa berenergi dan bergairah dengan rajin berolahraga dan mengatur jenis makanan yang dikonsumsi.

Fokuskan pikiran hanya pada ajang bercinta
Lupakan anak-anak, pekerjaan, atau apa pun yang akan Anda lakukan. Istirahatkan dulu pikiran Anda dan buat tubuh lebih santai dengan bercinta. Melancarkan aksi ini dapat mengistirahatkan tubuh, membuat Anda lebih segar, dan membuat Anda lebih mudah melakukannya di lain kesempatan.


kopi kurangi resiko kanker

Taukah anda bahwa Kangker hati tampaknya lebih jarang ditemui pada peminum kopi dibandingkan dengan orang tidak minum kopi. Demikian laporan yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal Hepatology edisi Agustus lalu, yang menampilkan temuan dari 10 studi tentang hubungan antara kopi dan kanker hati.

Studi-studi itu dikaji ulang oleh para peneliti, termasuk Francesca Bravi dari Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche di Milan, Italia. Studi keseluruhan mencakup 2.260 orang dengan kanker hati dan 240.000 orang tanpa kanker hati. Para partisipan hidup di Yunani, Italia, dan Jepang. Partisipan melaporkan tentang kebiasaan mereka minum kopi.

Data menunjukkan, peminum kopi tampaknya 41 persen lebih sedikit didiagnosis menderita kanker hati dibandingkan dengan orang yang tidak minum kopi. Untuk setiap cangkir kopi yang diminum, angka kemungkinan didiagnosis kanker hati menurun sampai 23 persen.

Beberapa studi mendefinisikan konsumsi kopi sebanyak 3 cangkir atau lebih per hari. Yang lain menyetel pada angka lebih rendah, tidak lebih dari 1 cangkir kopi per hari. Faktanya, kanker hati lebih jarang terjadi pada peminum kopi di semua negara (Yunani, Italia, Jepang). Peneliti mengatakan, temuan ini bukan kebetulan atau fenomena lokal. Mereka berspekulasi bahwa kopi memperbaiki enzim hati dan memotong sirosis dan kanker hati. Jadi, apakah minum kopi mencegah atau tidak kanker hati, penelitian yang lebih mendalam masih diteruskan


Langsing pasca melahirkan

Berolahraga cukup dan mengurangi makanan berlemak selama kehamilan, akan menyebabkan ibu cepat langsing kembali sesudah melahirkan.

University of Pittsburgh Medical center telah melakukan tes terhadap 110 ibu hamil yang sebelum hamil mempunyai berat badan normal. Separuh di antaranya, diharuskan berjalan kaki selama 20 menit setiap hari, mengonsumsi susu rendah lemak dan makan makanan yang tidak mengandung lemak jenuh. Sementara, sebanyak 50 persen sisanya, tidak melakukan olahraga dan boleh makan sesukanya.

Hasilnya, sebanyak 67 persen golongan pertama, kembali ke berat badan semula, atau terjadi penambahan hanya sampai 5 kilogram pada bulan pertama sesudah kehamilan.

Sebaliknya, ibu-ibu dari golongan kedua, mengalami kenaikan di atas 7 kilogram dan selama berminggu-minggu berikutnya, tetap kepayahan menurunkan berat badan idealnya.




Dr. Sumarno Sumoprawiro, M. Pd.

Prestasi olahraga Indonesia sedang berada di titik yang tidak diharapkan. Ironisnya, hal tersebut justru diperparah dengan aksi saling tuding dan lempar tanggungjawab antara pihak-pihak terkait. Yang diperlukan saat ini ahíla solusi, bukan hujat-menghujat sebagai efek dari kegagalan. Secara garis besar, untuk mencapai prestasi olahraga yang diinginkan, dibutuhkan tujuh faktor yang harus dipenuhi. Faktor-faktor tersebut digolongkan menjadi 2 yaitu faktor anternal dan faktor eksternal. Yang tergolong dalam faktor internal antara lain sistem pembinaan dan sarana-prasarana olahraga. Sedangkan yang termasuk kedalam faktor eksternal ialah faktor psikologis, rutinitas latihan, pelatih, keadaan fisik, serta teknik dan skill yang dimiliki atlet. Bila semua faktor tersebu telah dapat dipenuhi, maka pastilah prestasi olahraga Indonesia akan menjadi lebih baik.

Diakui atau tidak dewasa ini prestasi indonesia semakin terpuruk. Bahkan kini Indonesia hanya berada di kisaran perigkat empat atau lima pada level asia tenggara. Hal ini sangat ironis mengingat Indonesia adalah Negara dengan penduduk terbanyak di wilayah asia tenggara. Sebagai insane yang perduli terhadap perkembangan olahraga nasional, maka sudah seharusnya kita bersama-sama mencari solusi dan pemecahan atas masalah ini, bukan dengan cara saling menghujat dan menyalahkan satu sama lain.
Sebelum kita membahas tentang prestasi olahraga, sebaiknya kita ketahu terlebih dahulu pengertian prestasi olahraga.
Kata prestasi dapat diartikan sebagai pencapaian akhir yang memuaskan oleh seseorang atau tim, berdasarkan target awal yang dibebankan. Jadi prestasi tidak selalu identik dengan juara. Walaupun tidak menjadi juara atau meraih kemenangan, tetapi bila itu sudah dapat memenuhi atau bahkan melampaui target awal, maka itu sudah dapat dikatakan berprestasi.
Sementara kata olahraga mengandung makna segala kegiatan yang sistematis untuk mendorong, membina, serta mengembangkan potensi jasmani, rohani, dan social dan biasanya berorientasi terhadap pencapaian prestasi.
Jadi dapat disimpulkan bahwa prestasi olahraga adalah suatu pencapaian akhir yang memuaskan berdasarkan target awal tim atau atlet, dalam lingkup dunia olahraga.
Selanjutnya mari kita telaah faktor-faktor yang dapat mempengaruhi prestasi olahraga seorang atlet. Secara garis besar, ada 7 faktor yang harus ada untuk meningkatkan Prestasi/menciptakan Prestasi di Olahraga. Faktor-faktor tersebut antara lain:

Diagram faktor penentu prestasi olahraga
Selanjutnya mari kita kaji lebih dalam faktor-faktor Prestasi diatas
Faktor Prestasi dalam kotak adalah faktor Prestasi External artinya faktor Prestasi diluar diri atlet.
Faktor Eksternal yang menyangkut Sarana dan Peralatan Olahraga
Sebagai contoh yang paling riel adalah jumlah stadion dengan lintasan lari sintetik di Indonesia dibandingkan dengan stadion dengan kwalitas yang sama di Malaysia. Kita (Indonesia) hanya punya Stadion seperti itu dalam jumlah yang sangat sedikit :
- di Jakarta hanya ada 2 (dua) di Ragunan dan Stadion Madya Senayan
- di Puwokerto ada 1 (satu)
- di Solo ada 1 (satu)
- di Surabaya ada 1 (satu) di Sidoarjo
- di Indonesia Timur belum ada, satu juga ngga ada
- di Sumatera di Palembang ada 1 (satu)
- di Medan ada 1 (satu)
- di Kalimantan baru ada 1 (satu) yaitu di Stadion Madya Sempaja (Samarinda)
Total diseluruh Indonesia kita baru punya 8 buah Stadion dengan lintasan lari Sintetik. Kota Kuala Lumpur punya lebih dari 8 buah Stadion dengan lintasan lari Sintetik yang lebih mengenaskan lagi Malaysia punya lebih dari 40 Stadion seperti itu. Kalau mau sehat saja kita boleh puas dengan Ring Road Stadion Utama Senayan, atau Jalan yang dipadati manusia di sekitar Gedung Sate Bandung atau Monas di jantung Jakarta, mau Prestasi ya di Stadion.
Peralatan olahraga, sepatu olahraga yang enak dipakai dan punya kwalitas baik adalah barang mewah, kalau latihan itu bisa berlangsung menyenangkan perlengkapan standarnya juga harus baik dan memberikan ”Comfort” bagi pemakainya. Korea bisa jadi negara kuat di Panahan, demikian pula Jepang. Mengapa? Mereka adalah negara produsen busur panah dan anak panah dengan standard kwalitas Dunia. Semua peralatan olahraga adalah barang mewah, jadi harus mahal, kalau keadaaan seperti ini berlanjut terus kapan kita dapat atlet yang biasa dengan peralatan pertandingan Internasional. Mau beli lembing, tunggu sebulan, karena kalau toko olahraga beli lembing itu modal yang mati karena pembelinya hanya 2 sampai 5 instansi dalam 4 tahun. (menjelang PON). Jadi rimbangan untuk berprestasi di Indonesia diluar diri atlet adalah terbatasnya atau sangat kurang tersedianya sarana olahraga dan peralatan olahraga. Siapa atau Instansi mana yang bertanggung jawab untuk menembus kekuatan ini ?
Faktor Eksternal yang kedua adalah sistem pembinaan. Salah satu wujud pembinaan yan dilakukan adalah dengan cara menggelar kompetisi intern secara reguler. Jangan diartikan secara sempit pengertian keadaan kompetisi cabor di Indonesia. Sepak bola punya kompetisi yang diatur oleh PSSI, Bola Volley ada liga Bola Volley, Bola Basket juga punya IBL. Bukan hanya kompetisi seperti Sepak Bola, Bola Volley atau Bola Basket yang sudah dilakukan PSSI, atau Liga Bola Volley dan IBL. Yang dimaksud dengan keadaan kompetisi cabang olahraga adalah system pembinaan yang terus menerus, berjenjang dan berkesinambungan harus terjadi disemua cabang olahraga. Massa olahragawan harus diperbanyak sebagai langkah pertama. Dari kompetisi antar klub atau kejuaraan kelompok umur yang terbatas (untuk daerah domisili) sampai yang terbuka harus ada kalendernya. Mengapa Tenis Wimbledon selalu dinantikan semua Petenis terbaik Dunia? Karena tradisi dan tanggal penyelenggaraan yang sudah pasti dari tahun ke tahun. Demikian pula dengan kejuaraan-kejuaraan akbar lainnya, di Indonesia kejuaraan-kejuaraan yang akbar untuk atlet Nasional dari berbagai kategori harus direncanakan dan dilaksanakan secara tetap sehingga kita bisa mencari bakat/potensi-potensi besar yang belum terjaring untuk dibina lebih lanjut. Kejuaraan-kejuaraan dengan sponsor selama 5 tahun harus dicari. Kalau perlu diperpanjang lagi untuk 5 tahun berikutnya. Siapa yang melakukan fungsi ini di Indonesia KONIkah, PBkah, MENEGPORA atau kita serahkan pada swasta yang bergerak di penyelenggaraan event-event besar/terkenal?
Uraian diatas tidak lengkap untuk bisa menjelaskan peranan faktor prestasi external dari seorang atlet, masih banyak uraian dan contoh yang bisa dijadikan indikator kedua faktor external dalam usaha membina peningkatan Prestasi seorang atlet. Katakanlah Faktor lingkungan yang selalu tidak dapat dipisahkan dari usaha seorang atlet atau sebuah tim dalam usahanya meraih prestasi. Faktor lingkungan ini dapat berbentuk berbagai macam hal, seperti perhatian pemerintah, dukungan masyarakat, sarana dan prasarana latihan, serta management olahraga yang baik.
Untuk faktor internal, faktor yang paling penting dan sering dilupakan adalah faktor psikologis dan rutinitas latihan. Faktor psikologis sangat berperan karena dalam menghadapi suatu pertandingan atau bahkan ketika sedang berlatih, seorang atlet membutuhkan rasa aman, percaya diri, disiplin, serta motivasi, sementara faktor latihan rutin sangat penting, mengingat latihan yang rutin merupakan menunjang persiapan menghadapi pertandingan atau juga dapat berfungsi sebagai media mengasah kekompakan dan strategi untuk sebuah tim.
Faktor internal berikutnya ialah pelatih. Faktor pelatih merupakan tokoh sentral dalam kesuksesan seorang atlet. Pelatih mempunyai peran pula dalam mengembangkan faktor internal prestasi olahraga berikutnya, yaitu keterampilan teknik dan skill serta fisik atlet.
Jika kesemua faktor tersebut sudah dapat dipenuhi oleh Indonesia dalam melakukan pembinaan terhadap atlet-atletnya, maka niscaya kita akan berada ditingkatan yang lebih terhormat dari pada saat ini. Majulah olahraga, majulah Indonesiaku.


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