16 July, 2009

Kemerdekaan olahraga indonesia

Indonesia has declared its independence kehadapan world. Long ago the son - daughter of the nation trying to defend this independence with the sweat and blood. Since the early days of independence, Indonesia has always been challenged propagators inside and out. In the past when the old order of government, the concentration of this country is to maintain independence. At that time a lot of shocks that triggered the nation split by other nations as well as the nation itself. While this country is in the new order, people of this country in the doctrine to think about how to fill this independence. Inevitably, when the government of this country barupun order unremitting ordeal caused by the virulence of a dictator. But if we look, the second era of Indonesia's government has donated sweet achievements in the sport. Not infrequently Indonesia is able to dominate world badminton at the time. Swee Lee King is an Indonesian athletes who can excel in keterpurukkan. Not infrequently Besides, Indonesia is able to print a stamp of achievement with the SEA Games champion several times.
Achievements - Indonesian sports achievements in the past been able to lift the nation sedkit by little degrees. Predicate Indonesia as the Asian Tigers in the 90s era certainly helped donated by the Indonesian sporting achievements.

Now the people of Indonesia has already more freedom in work and innovate. Almost all parts of Indonesia have now been electrified. Construction of sport facilities are spread internasionalsudah class in Jakarta, East Kalimantan, South Sumatra and Riau. This condition should be able to jack up the interpretation of Indonesian sport in the world arena. However, Indonesian sports achievements tend to be in the interval stgnan to decline. At the last SEA Games in Indonesia only ranked fifth. Thomas and Uber Cup is now in the hands of China. In Indonesia the Asian Cup football championship was unable to escape the group stage while acting as host.

A big question will be the cause of the condition of Indonesian sports keterpurukkan like ejected from the minds of youth - a young nation that intends to promote Indonesia. Because one of the main imaging a country is now not only seen from the welfare, education, economic and military power. Sport has become a sweet image of how the world community viewed a country.


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