11 April, 2011


The kids really like water sports as fun activities and find many interesting things. If your child is afraid of water, do not worry, doubt as it is a very normal reaction, even if accompanied by an experienced trainer to lease that will help your child progress from fear to be confident and safe in the water.

Here are tips on how to start the process and techniques of swimming for beginners. These steps in a logical sequence and is designed to strengthen confidence in the water. Here are 4 easy tips to swim for children and beginners:

The first is to familiarize your child with the feeling of getting their faces wet. In swimming lessons taught how to blow bubbles. Do it in the shallow pond so that children do not become anxious and disturbed by the depth of water.

Second is to create a child to learn how to put their head completely under water. This is a step that introduces water as something very different from what they use and must be handled with care hati.kita they hold to this point, so that children have the anchor to grip. Some swimming instructors using the technique of "doll" in which children held their breath as they continue to carry water to the doll behind.

Third is to teach children how to lie down on the water to actually swim. This technique is to teach them how to float and then turned and began moving their own arms and legs simultaneously. Support the child by placing your hands stomach them and help them move forward as they begin to learn the strokes.

Fourth is to teach jump into the water from the side and then swim back to the wall. This is the basic water safety measures that all children should know they've fallen into a swimming pool accident.

Once you reach the 4 ways to swim for children and beginners develop a level of confidence that they are no longer afraid of water and will have fun. Once your child has the basics of water safety on the other swimming techniques can be more easily taught.


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