21 November, 2009

Langkah Tepat Cegah keputihan Wanita

Whitish, of course this term is familiar among women. Almost all women in Indonesia have experienced Leucorrhea whether by the response of normal bodily function or due to - due to other non-response of the body. In medicine, known as leukorrhe whitish or flour albus. Whitish Women may indicate there is an abnormality in the tract and reproductive organs for example infection, reproductive organ abnormalities or even cancer of the cervix. Therefore, it is important for a woman to know whether he experienced Leucorrhea Vagina is normal or not.

Some steps that can be done if the vagina is apparently suffering from leucorrhoea sebgai follows:

1. Consult a gynecologist, the doctor will give medicine according to the complaint and the cause. Women Leucorrhea generally caused by infection with drug-drug given Leucorrhea to resolve complaints and stop the infection process in accordance with its cause. Drugs used in overcoming Vagina Leucorrhea usually derived from fluconazole group to overcome candida infection and metronidazole groups to address bacterial and parasitic infections. Drug stocks leucorrhoea may be an oral dosage form of tablets or capsules, topically as a topical cream and uvula are inserted directly into the vagina. To Vagina Leucorrhea transmitted through sexual intercourse, is also given to couples therapy and advised to avoid sexual intercourse for still in treatment.

2. For those who are married, do check with your partner.

3. If still not healed well, do the drug resistance test of the Vagina and replace with other drugs. There is a possibility that the bacteria was resistant to the drugs given Leucorrhea Women.

4. For those who are married, do the pap smear. Especially if it is aged> 35 years and followed with a whitish complaint that something is fishy in the mouth of the womb because the concern is that viruses can trigger cancer. Ideally, a pap smear done once a year.

5. If positive for the virus, could proceed with the examination of the cervix using a magnifying device that is placed on outer lips of the vagina. As a supporter, also do urine tests and blood tests.

6. The most important thing is to keep your vaginal area clean and try to adapt a healthy lifestyle so good endurance to support the perfect treatment.

Precise knowledge of whiteness will help in distinguishing between normal whitish with a pathological whiteness. So that prevention and control can be done early on and prevent you from infertility and cervical cancer is more advanced. Thus, always keep your own health, including in your personal area.


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