03 March, 2010


Determine the type of physical exercise that right for you and how much intensity is not easy. This involves a variety of factors that would vary for each person.

Various factors include age, physical condition, your body type and purpose of the exercise itself. However, most underlying question of all is when we start. You might be inclined to think that exercise is a mechanism to build or shape your body. But in reality, efforts to become more fit worthy of as a process of "breaking down" and "build".

In the process, which produces strength training and endurance usually requires muscle work out of character. If you're weighing the muscles repeatedly, these networks usually have to adapt to new demands. It's like sebgau reconstruction projects, which in the early stages of muscle exercise stretching experience, and her weak and cause microscopic damage to nature.

Kemudan body will restore the muscles are damaged, but build it with an endurance better. These muscles are made larger, more powerful and more efficient. To keep the process of breaking down and building continues to walk, needed a little balance. It's also important that is to start training at the appropriate stage of your condition. From there, you can gradually increase the demands on your body by lifting more weight, run or swim longer distances or increase the intensity and duration of your exercise.

Identify the type of muscle, the body and the type of exercise
Before selecting and training, you'll want to know the type of body, muscle and type of exercise. By recognizing these three key words, you will help in determining the best type of exercise for you.

Muscles Frame
The muscle in question here is striated muscle or skeletal muscles used for movement of the body. Type of skeletal muscle generally divided into two ie fast-twitch muscles and slow-twitch. Fast-twitch muscle berkonteraksi quickly and also release energy in a very short time. These muscles are ideal for activities that require the speed of motion like running sprints or power lifting.

While slow-twitch is the opposite type, since these muscles to contract less rapidly and release energy gradually. This muscle is ideal for this type of exercise that requires endurance such as cycling or marathon.

The human body itself is a mixture of different types of muscle, but usually there is one type of muscle the body most prominent or dominant. Type the human body can be divided into 3 broad categories namely:

1. Ectomorph (thin talent)
If you are tall, slender body with little fat you are in this category. In this type, the body predominantly slow-twitch muscles and you probably will succeed with the kind of exercise is aerobic.

Bones of the 'ectomorph' is usually small and lightweight, with little muscle and too little. Usually body higher than it should. People ectomorph is naturally not strong enough, he had to work very hard to form a mass on her body.

2. Endomorph (talent fat)
The main characteristic for this category is a round body and fat in people with type endomorph, fast-twitch muscle is more dominant.

The image is usually represented in the physical description of terkontsentrasikan masses in the abdomen. This may be true or not. Arms and legs a endomorph is usually short in length and size tend to taper.

Hands and legs starting small with upper arms and thighs are often developed than the lower arms and lower legs. Men of this type also has a large waist. If this type, you better nature through anaerobic exercise.

3 Mesomorph (Ideal)
The man who entered mesomorph category has great bone and muscle that contains better. Thin tapered torso with a small waist. Bones and muscles that have very conspicuous. Facial characteristics possessed well as the obvious cheekbones, a heavy jaw and square.

His face was long and wide with a small piece of the form. Arms and legs of the mesomorph is expanding, even on the fingers he has muscled. Other characteristics visible on the mesomorph, which is a thick skin and hair texture that belongs to the weight. Men with this type, can be successful with a form of exercise that is more flexible, both aerobic and anaerobic.

Type Exercise
There are three basic forms of exercise that is aerobic, anaerobic and stretching. Any form of exercise is associated with three important elements that determine the fitness of strength, endurance and flexibility.

- Aerobics.
This exercise emphasizes the endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This type of movement requires a constant in a long time and involve the entire cardiovascular system such as the heart, lungs and blood vessels.

The main purpose of this exercise is the type of oxygen delivery efficiently. With aerobic conditioning that continues to increase, the lungs can inhale oxygen better. Likewise, the heart and blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the muscles.

- Anaerobic
This type of exercise does not involve the aerobic system. Energy gained nearly most of the glucose stored in muscles. Glucose quickly exhausted due to intense efforts so that the muscle becomes tired. Weight is one example of anaerobic exercise.

- Stretch
Stretching is necessary before undergoing training in order to achieve flexibility of the muscles to avoid injury. Muscles will become vulnerable to injury and pain if not to stretch.

Other efficacy, stretching clear out soreness or stiffness after a hard work or exercise during the eight hours or more, and cause the muscles remain flexible. To achieve good results, do stretching before and after exercise in which muscles are getting hot. Duration, between 5 - 8 minutes


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